First things first, let’s get to know each other. This is a much more comfortable experience for everyone when we aren’t total strangers! So the first thing I do is buy you a cup of coffee (or whatever your beverage of choice is) and get to know you a little and you can hopefully be put at ease by getting to know me as well. During our chat we’ll talk about why you are interested in a Boudoir Session, your comfort levels and ideas for the session. 


Then when we choose a date, I’ll schedule your hair and make up appointment with Laura Henry with Laura J. Artistry (she’s amazing!). I like to have an open line of communication between booking and your session. I will start a private Pinterest board so we can share ideas and samples of what we envision for your session. You can share outfit choices and poses you love (or don’t love) so we’re both on the same page. 


After your pampering from Laura, you’ll come right to my studio for the shoot. I shoot these sessions in studio and I mimick natural light because I love the soft feel it gives the look of the images. I use white sheets/comforter/pillows against a light gray wall which matches just about any color outfits/lingerie that you choose. The session is anywhere from 1-2 hours and we can get to at least 3 different outfit choices, maybe 4. 

By this time, we’re basically BFFs 😉 We’ll put on your favorite music, drink a glass of wine, and not take ourselves too seriously. It’s as laid back and fun as it could possibly be. Nothing at all to be nervous about!


I spend time over the next 2 weeks choosing the most beautiful images to show you. I fully edit and retouch about 25 images. Once I have those completed, we’ll come back into the studio and you will choose 20 (minimum) to go in your little black book. It’s a 5×7 black linen covered book. It’s really beautiful! 

The full Boudoir Package is $799 and includes everything I just mentioned, or $699 without hair and make-up.